SERMAC Srl was founded in Milan in 1989 and is now one of the world leaders in the production of concrete pumps built on automotive chassis. The family company founded by Vitaliano Del Zotto & Dario Viello had its origins as a division of the American corporation Worthington Ltd. SERMAC's first pumps proved successful in the competitive markets of Asia - Korea, China, Taiwan, Philippines. With its own development department and its own unique design office, SERMAC has entered the markets of all European countries with great success. It should be noted that SERMAC specializes exclusively in concrete pumps. And perhaps it is the high specialization that has allowed SERMAC to reach other global markets such as the US, Australia and the Middle East. SERMAC currently has a permanent presence in more than 30 countries. The source of SERMAC's success is the perfect pump design and adherence to the highest standards in the production process, which takes place at three plants in Milan. The highest quality components of world leaders from Europe (mainly from Italy and Germany) are used in SERMAC pumps. Pump production

SERMAC is covered by the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Control System. SERMAC pumps are reliable, simple to operate and designed with a high safety margin. Safe and seamless operation has made SERMAC the primary brand for large concrete pumping companies worldwide. 

Currently, 12 truck pump models are produced at the SERMAC plant in Milan, equipped with a state-of-the-art system of front telescopic "x" outriggers with span lengths ranging from 20 to 65 meters. There are also 4 mixer pump models from 21 to 33 meters. SERMAC also manufactures trolley pumps and stationary booms.


SERMAC's mission: "We design, build and supply concrete pumps for the concrete industry around the world. Our pumps have a reputation for being extremely robust, of the highest quality and easy to operate, which cause into efficient and hassle-free operation on construction sites”


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