MAEMA srl from Verona (Italy) has gained experience in the provision of specialized equipment for the treatment of natural stone. Technical solutions proven in extreme conditions have been used in finishing concrete surfaces. It is a very modern and innovative solution. The uniqueness of MAEMA is that it is a multi-purpose harvester that can replace many separate lines dedicated to individual operations separately. By replacing the heads, we can rapidly change the machine from calibration function to brushing, hammering, polishing etc. Thus, one MAEMA is able to replace several separate machine lines.

MAEMA is essentially a working principle - it is similar to a numerical machine. It is computer controlled and head movements can be freely programmed.

MAEMA offers two basic devices-which are used depending on the size of the work surfaces: for slabs and walls of larger dimensions we use the BellaCrete machine. The BellaCrete is a passing platform equipped with processing heads. The platform moves on rails along the workpiece located on a tilting table. With additional heads, Maema can finish the outer and inner edges of panels (e.g. Windows, Doors). In addition, the MAEMA – BellaCrete machine - as the world's only manufacturer – enables the processing of curved (concave, convex), rather than just flat surfaces. This gives you unlimited possibilities of original architectural solutions.

Another MAEMA machine used for machining smaller elements is the STEPPER. Heads similar to those in the BellaCrete are mounted motionless and the workpieces move on the conveyor belt. Here MAEMA used a patented system to hold the elements in a single layer, which is treated. The thickness of the workpieces (tiles, cubes, blocks) is to range from 2 cm to 60 cm. The size of the workpiece (consisting of any number of elements) is a maximum of 140 x 140 cm. As with BellaCrete, a single STEPPER can replace an entire production plant consisting of multiple separate lines for processing the cube.

Thanks to the use of programmable heads, the ability to obtain original and unique surfaces – in the case of MAEMA – is unlimited. A simple cube polished on the MAEMA line turns into an authentic mirror. We conducted a number of tests on examples of blocks produced from a standard blend in paving plants in Poland – the effect was extraordinary and dazzling.

MAEMA achieved great success in Australia, the US and Canada. Now it's time for Europe. Apart from installations in Italy and Scandinavia, the first devices appear in Poland.

The Development Research Department of MAEMA is currently working on the application of further new equipment for the treatment of concrete surfaces – e.g. water under pressure of 2000 atmospheres.



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