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The Zenith 4z38 pump became very popular on the Polish market. This four-section pump can be built on a 3 or 4 axle chassis. The weight of the pump with the car is 26 and 28 tonnes respectively. It is the longest SERMAC pump, which, when built on a three – axle chassis, meets the requirements of the Road Traffic Law and does not require any deviations. The pump was designed by Sermac's R&D department. The aim of the project was to obtain a machine with the highest performance. The pump was entirely manufactured and tested in Italy (Milan). As with other Sermac concrete pumps, the main components were made in Italy and Germany.

S8 and G9 pumping units are available.

The S8 pumping unit gives us capacity and pressure from the piston side:
- 130m3 / hour and 61 bar
- 150m3 / hour and 76 bar
The G9 pumping unit gives us capacity and pressure from the piston side:
- 100m3 / hour and 85 bar
- 158m3 / hour and 80 bar

A classic and twin-wall 125 mm pipe versions are available.

Technical solutions in SERMAC's pumps and pump-machines combine the advantages of safe and robust steel construction. Proven and simple technical solutions allow for long-term trouble-free operation of the machines. Unified spare parts have been used and are readily available from the warehouse of Ciepiela Technology Promotion - SERMAC's representative in Poland. SERMAC pumps and pompo pears - thanks to their reliability and top quality - have achieved great success all over the world.

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