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Twinstar 3Z21

The sermac Twinstar 3z21 is SERMAC's latest model
The main uses of this truck mixer pump are small construction sites and smaller facilities - where large machines cannot operate due to lack of space or due to cost.

The small width of the hydraulically retractable front outriggers ( only 3860 mm) allows for work where there is little space for placing.
The Sermac Twinstar 3z21 pump can also work inside halls and other facilities - the height of the folding boom is only 5,400 mm.
The 3z21 is equipped with three folding boom in a "Z" and provides a 21 metre long reach.
The SERMAC Twinstar 3z21 truck mixer pump can be optionally equipped with a Ø 100 mm (4”) pipeline, or as a special option with a Ø 125 mm (5”) pipeline.
The Sermac Twinstar 3z21 can be built on a 3 or 4 axle chassis. The recommended wheelbase of a 4-axle vehicle is 4250 mm.
The mixer drum has a capacity of 8m3. The SERMAC Twinstar 3z21 pump can alternatively be used with 3 pumping units: 54bar, 70 bar or 80 bar pressure. Yields are 73 m3/h, 73 m3/h and 80 m3/h respectively.

The boom is controlled proportionally by a remote control, also in such a way that performance is adjusted. The remote control allows the boom to operate at double speed. A remote-controlled vibrator was also mounted on the grille of the basket. Plates are added to each vehicle to stabilize outriggers. Additional lighting is installed on the basket as standard.
The SERMAC Twinstar 3z21 truck mixer pump is equipped with a high abrasion resistance single-wall steel pipe or as an option – a twin-wall pipe-from the world's best pipe manufacturers. The rubber pipe at the end of the pipeline can be fitted with a stop-flow clamp on request

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