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A five-pointed Sirio 5rz51 pump with a maximum vertical boom displacement of 50.1 meters. The pump is usually built on a four-axle chassis. Then the weight of the set is 37 tonnes. In special cases, the Sirio 5rz51 can be built on a five-axle chassis, this increases the overall weight to 38 tons, but there is a reduced axle load. In the 5-axle SIRIO 5rz51, each axle has a weight of less than 8 tons. The pump so prepared has the right to legally drive on roads with less load capacity. Sermac consistently uses retractable, telescopic front outriggers in long pump designs, making it much easier to set up the machine on site. The width of the front and rear outriggers is 9.5 m. the Sirio 5rz51 concrete pump model is a development of the previously produced and very successful 5rz48.
The Sirio 5rz51 pump became very popular in Poland and throughout Europe.

S8 and G9 pumping units are available.

The S8 pumping unit gives us capacity and pressure from the piston side: 150m3 / hour and 76 bar.

The G9 pumping unit gives us capacity and pressure from the piston side:
- 100m3 / hour and 85 bar
- 158m3 / hour and 80 bar
- 194m3 / hour and 80 bar

A classic and twin-wall 125 mm pipe versions are available, but for larger models such as the SIRIO 5rz51, twin-wall piping is recommended.

Technical solutions in SERMAC's pumps and pump-machines combine the advantages of safe and robust steel construction. Proven and simple technical solutions allow for long-term trouble-free operation of the machines. Unified spare parts have been used and are readily available from the warehouse of Ciepiela Technology Promotion - SERMAC's representative in Poland. SERMAC pumps and pompo pears - thanks to their reliability and top quality - have achieved great success all over the world.

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