Nowa jednostka wysokiegociśnieniowa systemu mycia mieszalników sicoma (wersja 2021)

The pump unit for high pressure washout offered by Sicoma for mixer sizes starting from 750/500 is composed of two main components: the high pressure pump and the water tank

The piston pump is driven by a 15kW or 22kW motor for the larger models, through a belt transmission:

  • MP 750/500 up to MP 3750/2500    60 Bar,  120 liters/min,  Motor 15 kW
  • MAO 1500/1000 up to MAO 7500/5000:    60 Bar, 120 liters/min, Motor 15 kW
  • MP 4500/3000 and MP 6000/4000    60 Bar, 200 liters/min, Motor 22 kW
  • MAO 9000/6000 up to MAO 13500/9000:    60 Bar, 200 liters/min, Motor 22 kW

The 300-liter capacity tank is made of high-strength polyethylene that has excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation. It is equipped with a continuous level sensor that provides an analog signal proportional to the water level (4-20 mA).
The water entering the tank passes through two filters, one of 60 microns and the other of 5 microns, avoiding pump malfunction problems. The inspection of the tank can be made from above by simply removing the top cap.



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