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Concrete production

Concrete production

The production of the concrete mixture takes place in a mixer specially adapted for this purpose. A detailed description of the mixers used can be found in the section "Mixers for concrete". The mixer is the heart of the concrete factory. There are many concrete mixer manufacturers on the market, with whom we cooperate as a supplier of mixers and other components. At the same time, for specialist projects requiring a lot of experience, we make it possible to take advantage of the offer of the Italian manufacturer Marcantonini. Marcantonini has a huge track record in the area of specialist tower concrete plants and mobile hubs, but the main product we promote is concrete mix transport systems. A detailed description can be found in the "Transport and production of Marcantonini concrete" section. The cement silos are a characteristic part of the landscape that allows the recognition of the concrete plant. For 15 years we have been working with a supplier of excellent quality vertical silos, LAIFE, which supplies concrete plant manufacturers across Europe. Another interesting product that is used in mobile installations is the SAMI level silo. Here, too, we can boast of many years of cooperation. A detailed description can be found in the section " Vertical and Horizontal cement silos”

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Marcantonini concrete production and transportation lines

Vertical and horizontal cement silos

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