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Precast of concrete

Precast of concrete

Precast of concrete elements is the most dynamically developing segment of the construction industry. Rising workhour costs and a lack of enough workers are forcing construction companies to look for alternatives. Precast is an alternative. The most frequently mentioned advantages are: assembly speed, accuracy, perfect repeatability of products, incomparably less labor-intensive on the site. Modern precast elements are nothing like the appearance and quality of the surface - products from the infamous factories of the houses of the previous era. Most properly constructed precast elements meet the conditions of architectural concrete, there is no need for labor-intensive and costly surface finishing operations. A long time partner of Ciepiel Technology Promotion, NORDIMPIANTI is one of the world's leading suppliers of complete production lines for the manufacture of concrete components. On the NORDIMPIANTI line, anything designed for string reinforcement can be produced. From small T slabs, posts for vineyard and lintels, through various types of ribbed slabs to the flagship product of extruder NORDIMPIANTI - hollow slabs. NORDIMPIANTI is the only supplier in the world to offer slabs up to 1 meter thick. Very important information about NORDIMPIANTI: we have all possible types of string machines: slipformer, wet casting, extruder. Therefore, we can always choose the optimal device to produce a needed product. Best example for a hollow disc. It can be made using wet casting, it can be made using slipformer. But it should be made with an extruder that provides the best thickening of the mixture and the lightest but equally durable product. See "NORDIMPIANTI string production lines"for more information. Some precasts cannot be made on the NORDIMPIANTI line. Such a complementary supplier of all other forms is the leader on the italian market – present in the precast market for 50 years – BIANCHI. We are able to provide each mould individually designed for the customer's needs. The mould can be reinforced with mesh, rods, and strings. BIANCHI forms are characterized by the excellent quality of their precast materials. Walls, slabs, beams, double T slabs, tanks, stairs. and many others. Currently, three BIANCHI products are of the greatest interest: 3-D -moulds for the production of complete buildings of small size, moulds for the production of concrete retention tanks and excellent quality tilting tables for the production of walls and slabs. With the government funding programmes in mind, retention tanks will be an increasingly sought - after product on the market in Poland. See "Bianchi tilting moulds and tables” for more information.

As the market develops, customers ' expectations grow. One such example of a response to the growing needs of mature markets is MAEMA's specialized concrete surface processing unit. Having achieved success in the US, Canada, Australia and Scandinavia markets, MAEMA rightly expects to increase interest in its devices in Poland. Equipment for processing large areas of BelleCrete or for blocks and cubes – Stepper already exists in Poland. The Maema concept resembles a numerical machine with fast interchangeable heads, which can calibrate, brush, hammer, grind, polish, depending on the current instrumentation. Thus, one machine is able to replace several separate production lines. And the mirrored surface of a regular cube really does make a huge impression. Thanks to patented special handles, stepper machines can work entire layers of fine elements delivered on pallets. Another characteristic feature is the ability to work not only flat surfaces from above, but also sides or on edges. MAEMA has gained popularity due to its unique ability to process non-flat surfaces. The effect is captivating. More information in the "Maema concrete surface Processing Equipment"section.

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