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SERMAC concrete truck mixer pumps and concrete truck pumps

Sermac Twinstar concrete truck mixer pumps are available in four reach lengths: 3Z21, 3Z24, 4Z28, 4Z33. The main application of the 3z21 mixer pump is in small construction sites and smaller facilities-anywhere where large machines cannot operate due to lack of space or cost considerations. The SERMAC TWINSTAR 3Z24 mixer pump truck is readily used in more difficult terrain conditions, where the length of the overhang is not the main deciding parameter. The SERMAC Twinstar 4Z28 is the most popular SERMAC mixer pump truck model in Poland. The SERMAC Twinstar 4Z33 mixer pump truck is the longest mixer pump truck offered by SERMAC. The Twinstar 4z28 mixer pump truck was constructed as one of the first SERMAC models in the early 1990s. Over many years of operation, the machine has been systematically - thanks to the close cooperation of SERMAC's technical office with dealers and users - improved. We can say that the Twinstar 4z28 mixer pump truck is one of the most successful products in SERMAC's history.


Twinstar 4Z33

Twinstar 4Z28

Twinstar 3Z24

Twinstar 3Z21

Minor changes of a face-lift nature are currently being made. Among the more significant modifications is a new G7 pumping unit with higher pressure and higher capacity. Another modification is the use of an anti-tipping system in each mixer pump.
The undisputed best seller, the aforementioned twinstar 4z28 mixer pump truck, is an optimal device in every respect. The 4 arms with a total length measured vertically of 28 meters are long enough to handle the most demanding construction sites. SERMAC also has in its portfolio an excellent twinstar 4z33 model with a larger as the designation shows - an overhang. But more overhang means more weight on the machine and less capacity to load the drum. Returning to the twinstar 4z28, users are delighted by the machine's remarkable stability during operation. In addition, it turns out that thanks to the small spacing of the 4 supports (front 3.9m and rear only 3.7m), the twinstar 4z28 can work much closer to the object than machines with a larger overhang, but physically further away from the pumping site because of the wider spaced feet. In addition to the myriad advantages of SERMAC's Twinstar mixer pump truck, we have to come to terms with two disadvantages: the very limited supply on the used machine market and the long delivery time.
We have been supplying SERMAC mixer pump trucks to the Polish market since 2005, and to our amazement and users' satisfaction - even machines that are several years old are doing very well on construction sites, and indeed there is no point in replacing them too early.