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Sicoma concrete mixers

Twin-shaft mixers


The size of SICOMA Twin Shaft Mixers ranges from 0.5 to 9 m of vibrated concrete output, covering every need of our customers in terms of production capacity. The excellent performance is recognized in several applications: production of ready-mix Concrete, production of prestressed / precast elements, RCC concrete for dams, soil stabilization, but also in different sectors such as the inertization, waste treatment and chemical products. Depending on the type of application, the mixers can be equipped with several accessories and options to optimize their productivity, mixing quality and life expectancy. Whenever necessary, we work with our customers to develop new solutions that best suit their requirements.

Another type of twin-shaft mixers are Sicoma MAO / C mixers for continuous production.
These mixers use the same proven technology that is used in MAO twin-shaft mixers, an Italian drive system and patented shaft seals. The two counter-rotating shafts are equipped with a set of short blades, of a specific configuration and size, which mix and simultaneously move the material from the entry point to the outlet. MAO / C mixers are particularly good for the production of stabilization and rolled concrete. MAO / C is usually used for the production of mixtures with low cement content, with large production volumes of medium quality mix. The capacity of MAO / C mixers is 80 to 400 m3 / hour.


Twin-shaft mixer

Twin-shaft mixers for continuous production