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Bianchi concrete molds and tilting tables

Bianchi Casseforme s.r. l. was founded in Parma in 1964 and is now one of the most important suppliers of prefabrication equipment for concrete elements in Europe and the world.

We offer a full range of products:
-Moulds for general precast, including tiltng tables, battery moulds and others, moulds for stairs, etc..
-Specialized forms for the production of industrial, residential and commercial prefabricated buildings - a system for the production of prefabricated buildings in one part
-Concrete distribution vehicles
-Continuous cycle production systems – including modern carousel lines
-Compression machines
-Magnets and full system solutions for tilting tables
-Vibration equipment
-Lifting and mounting solutions.

All our production facilities operate on the basis of" Certified Quality Control System " UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015.


Concrete molds

Tilting tables