Cranes are machines designed to move loads vertically and horizontally in space limited by the length of the running track, lifting height and span of the bridge. Cranes are made as single-and two-girder overhead cranes, suspension cranes, console cranes, gantry cranes, pillar and wall jib cranes, modular suspension cranes and chain and rope hoists.


Suwnice KBK

Cranes KBK


Light suspended cranes

A set of KBK Demag components for self - assembly of modular one-and two-girder cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 2000 kg, made of steel or aluminium profiles, suspended for the steel structure of the ceiling of the hall or for self-supporting steel structure. For single-lift cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 1000kg and a span of up to 6000mm, easy manual shift by the operator. The KBK system also allows for the construction of straight or arched tracks with crossings and rotatings for rope / chain hoists with hand or electric drive platforms.





suwnice lekkie

Where heavy cranes suspended under the ceiling of the hall cannot be used, lightweight crane systems are used. These are modular systems of suspended cranes with a lifting capacity from 50kg to 2000kg, suspended to the ceiling or self-supporting structure. Light cranes also include light slewing pillar jib cranes and wall jib cranes mounted on hall pillars.


Semi-open steel or aluminium profiles are used for the construction of the track and girders of light cranes and the boom of slewing jib light cranes. The size of the profile depends on the load capacity of the system and the crane span. 


Depending on the load capacity, light cranes are manually moved, and at higher loads and track spans are moved by the means of electric drive. 


One of the best-known and most widely used light cranes is DEMAG's KBK modular crane system, although recently thanks to its advantages, the Eepos aluminium crane system has become increasingly important on the market. 



Light cranes are used to lift such loads:

  • balance sheets,
  • chain hoists,
  • vacuum slings,
  • manipulators suspended on telescopic column

Light cranes for handling production cell

They are most often found in production halls for handling machines, welding and assembly outlets. They are mostly made as single-lift, hand-operated suspension cranes equipped with a chain hoist.



suwnice lekkie

Transport systems on production lines

Depending on the needs, the system is usually composed of suspended tracks equipped with manually or electrically controlled switches and turntables, followed by chain hoists that transport the details / components to the place of subsequent production processes. 




Transport systems on assembly lines

An example of this application is the assembly line of VW cars, where chains of hoists move along suspended tracks transporting the car bodywork suspended on a special sling. The System stops at subsequent outlets, where further components of the car are assembled.


Special purpose transport systems

A system of suspended track with turnstiles, equipped with chain hoists with electric drive to transport animals in the veterinary clinic to the preparation stalls, then to the operations and then to the rest stalls.



Suwnice lekkie aluminiowe eepos

Eepos aluminium light cranes

The advantage of Eepos aluminium cranes is the use of one special trolley type in all profile sizes from XS to XXL. The Eepos trolleys are equipped with 2 driving wheels and 2 driving rollers based on the upper profile surface. Such a trolley design provides easier moving of the cranes, so the operator must use less force to move the crane. This provides the possibility of seamless manual operating with cranes up to 2000kg.



Light cranes equipped with manipulators

For the precise operation of the charge, two-girder light cranes with a telescopic column are equipped with vacuum manipulators, usually made as electric driving cranes. Raising and lowering the telescopic column is accomplished by means of a chain hoist mounted on top of the column. Control of the crane is carried out from a console placed on the boom so that the operator has the ability to control the transported load during the whole process. 


Power columns

The power columns are an example of the unusual use of light crane components. These are columns made of aluminum profiles mounted to the concrete floor of the Hall. The columns can be equipped with:

  • power switches,
  • sockets with fuse assemblies,
  • 230V / 400V power sockets,
  • low-voltage 5V, 12V power sockets,
  • sockets with compressed air supply,
  • Ethernet network sockets


An additional advantage of the power columns is the possibility to install on them a carbon fiber boom with a lifting capacity of 100kg and 2000mm. 



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